You might have come across many companies selling their products and services to customers through representatives rather than through any retail stores or online mode. This form of conducting sales is referred as direct selling method. In this method the representatives are directly approaching the customers with the aim ofContinue Reading

This article examines laws, regulations and case law related to online pornography in selected jurisdictions to assess their effectiveness and limitations. 1 The United States and online pornography “There have been many attempts in the United States to regulate online pornography, although not all of them have been successfully implemented”.Continue Reading

Nearly all documents start on a computer and discovery for litigation necessarily requires accessing electronically stored information (ESI). Rules regarding ESI in discovery – whether opponents are allowed access to it and who pays – are fast-evolving and differ from state to state. The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure areContinue Reading

Chapter 7 may be the most direct way out of excessive debt, but that doesn’t mean it can work for everyone. Every debtor is different, and one never knows when something will come up and complicate the filing. Often, even cases that seem straightforward can run into snags that delay,Continue Reading