How a Good Attorney Can Make a Difference in Your H4 Employment Permit Application

Have you ever wondered why most companies seek to employ a good attorney as their advisors? You’ll find most big companies investing in legal advisors who can give them a solid back up when it comes to matters of law or advice regarding areas such as capitalization, taxation, immigration, and other areas of law. Based on the same logic individuals should properly choose their attorneys to handle their cases.

This then becomes all the more important for employees of such companies when it comes to their immigration matter. Immigrants who have come from outside can easily get duped by “false” and inexperienced attorneys. People who have moved to the United States with very little idea about the legalities involved need to make futuristic plans that would involve various kinds of United States immigration and nationality laws and regulations, all of which can hardly be done without consulting an immigration lawyer.

More often than not, attorneys have a significant impact on areas of immigration, as such if you have a good and well experienced Immigration attorney to guide you through the process, it becomes that much easier for someone to deal with the immigration issues.

There have been many such cases where you might have seen great attorneys, who have had a hugely positive impact, on immigrants. They have in fact given these immigrants a direction and shape and avoid all legal tangles and hassles associated with the rules. Unfortunately many times the reverse is also true, an attorney who does not have adequate knowledge of his/her work can in fact cause more harm to the company too and the individuals. While retaining your attorney also ask if they have had previous experience in handling similar cases.

Immigrants should therefore, invest significant amount of time on details or the thought behind who should be their legal representative. This has often resulted in the difference between success and failure.

Good immigration counsels are therefore an absolute necessity for any immigrant who is seeking to secure an immigrant or a non-immmigrant visa. What is more crucial in fact is the choice of your attorney. Often people choose attorneys based on their fees, but this is one area you shouldn’t be looking at saving money. If a good attorney charges high fees, sometimes it is because they are good at what they do. The final selection of who you choose to represent your interest should be based on merit and experience of the attorney rather than their fee structure. In the long run this cost often justifies itself for the kind of advice you get regarding the setting up of your company and all matters related to the same.

The wrong choice of attorney can also be a costly mistake for a new immigrant, often something one cannot afford to make in his or her struggling days. A good attorney for your immigration matter is someone who will get things right the very first times, has worked in enough similar situations, knows the ins and outs of immigration law and has the ability to bring to the situation a good work credibility. Making smart recommendations that can save you time and money as well as problems that might occur in the future down the road, is one of the most basic duties of an attorney associated with a visa or visa status.

Whether your attorney is an asset or a liability will depend on whom you select. As such, it is recommended that you narrow your list of attorneys down to a select few, who you feel could be right for the job and with whom you can be comfortable. If you are dealing with a law firm, you must ask to meet the associate who will be working with your case. You need to interview the attorney who will be directly involved with you or your company and ask for his feedback regarding his/her inputs on your kind of business and what additional value they would bring to you.

In this regard you might consult the author’s law firm (SPLG), an integrated law firm with a team of well trained and experienced attorneys and legal assistants who can be of great use to you. Moreover, SPLG has been involved in the H4 EAD process for years now and his knowledge is unique in the field. You might want to check how he contributed to the passing of the H4 EAD rule. Before trying to file for the H4 EAD on your own or with a lawyer who is not familiar with the H4 work permit rule, we recommend you talk to SPLG. A good attorney, with a solid knowledgeable and experience can be a huge asset to you, so choose well for yourself. If you need help on the matter, feel free to contact us.

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