Chapter 7 may be the most direct way out of excessive debt, but that doesn’t mean it can work for everyone. Every debtor is different, and one never knows when something will come up and complicate the filing. Often, even cases that seem straightforward can run into snags that delay,Continue Reading

You do not have an indefinite period in which to bring a claim. To prevent individuals from being sued for events that transpired many years previously (when all evidence of these events is likely to be difficult to locate or in poor condition) legislators have set a time limit onContinue Reading

What, exactly, is a copyright? A copyright is a type of intellectual property protection on certain eligible works. These works include (but are not limited to): Literary Works (books, website copy, articles, short stories, etc.) 2-Dimensional Artwork (painting, photography, graphic design, etc.) Performing Arts (screenplays, lyrics, etc.) Sound Recordings (music,Continue Reading

A Will is a document in which a person, called the “Testator” (1), states to whom property is to pass after the Testator’s death and appoints someone, called the “Executor”(2), to carry out those wishes. As explained below, a Will can do a few other things too. There are, however,Continue Reading